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Newport Regenerative Medicine

At Newport Regenerative Medicine, we are dedicated to helping those who suffer from chronic pain. We’ve embraced the exciting medical advances of regenerative and anti-aging medicine to optimize healing and reverse aging and degeneration on a cellular level.

Instead of treating orthopedic injuries by fighting our body’s response with anti-inflammatory medications, cortisone shots and numbing our pain with dangerous prescription drugs, regenerative medicine is the science of helping our bodies heal. Regenerative medicine is proven to increase function and decrease or even stop pain entirely. 

The Newport Regenerative Medicine facility is a state-of-the-art facility surgery center and comfortable treatment and recovery rooms. We offer the latest imaging technology to recommend the best treatments for sports injury and chronic pain.

This facility was designed with our valued patients in mind. In most instances, if surgery is needed, it can be done in our in-house surgery & procedure center without the need for hospitalization. Our regenerative medicine procedures do not require hospitalization since we help the body heal itself.

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Newport Regenerative Medicine


455 Old Newport Blvd
Newport Beach, CA 92663
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